Tropical Traumas

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Costume Design for
Tropical Traumas: A Series of Cinematographic Choreographies
A commission by Singapore International Festival of Arts
Directed by Brian Gothong Tan

In collaboration with Ron Arad’s 720 stage at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

At its heart, this hybrid-cinema experience is a mesmerising exploration of explorers. Told through fantastical imagery and ethereal music, Tropical Traumas follows a group of performers who re-enact the wild and exotic expeditions into the steamy Malay Archipelago, based on tales told by Sir Stamford Raffles’ wife Sophia Hull and the great British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. The result is an epic feast for the senses that will leave you entranced. Whether you are a common wanderer, a trekking tourist or a pious pilgrim in a foreign land, Tropical Traumas promises to be a surreal journey that is at once strange and familiar.